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Bundle Services

    Bundled Services of CrossGroup will allow you to best integrate all of your home services for less. Get connected with friends and family across the country and outside by making local and long distance calls or via internet. Choose the services that best fit your lifestyle and needs. Notwithstanding the number of packages used in the CrossGroup’s bundled services, two, three or four, it enables you to considerably facilitate your billing by combining all your services on one bill. Undeniably, the Bundled services offered by CrossGroup significantly enhance your business productivity and promote your business development. The various bundled services offer combined billing which help streamline your business and save money. Select from a comprehensive portfolio of products and services, which include local and intercity telephone services, long distance calls, unified messaging and radiotelephony services. In general the Bundled services of Cross Group continue to earn customers’ trust and devotion with a commitment to integrity, reliable high-quality service, and excellent customer care.