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   Dear Customers     

   We offer you SMS - notification and delivery service, through which you can notify the transactions, offered products and services made by your company with great efficiency and operatively, as well as receive delivery reports to your computers, cell phones and to the telephone number registered in Cross-SMS. 

SMS - notification and delivery

1. How   to  activate
2. Conditions of subscription to SMS  notification  to  the telephone number  
3. Tarrifs for notifications 
     Cross-SMS is a system of combination of mobile and web technologies, due to which the companies get an opportunity to send and receive SMS from anywhere in the world to an unlimited number of mobile connection subscribers almost all over the world (in case of internet availability). Actually, Cross-SMS system is located in www.cross.am website, where the customers (after registration) can get the access to the system through the web interface.  

 Cross-SMS allows you: 

1. to send any number of SMS to RA and international mobile connection subscribers,
2. to replace the sender’s name to the name of the company,
3. to insert and extract customers’ databases,
4. to combine and classify customers’ data by different groups and subgroups, 
5. to create templates of the messages,
6. to follow the statistics and the status of the sent messages in online mode,
7. to send a common message to the whole customers’ base at the same time, as well as an individual message to each client.

  By Cross-SMS you can send the necessary or simply any interesting information to your customers, acquaintances, friends, employees on condition that the information is required for the final receiver and is not a SPAM. 

   In order to use this system you need to register in our www.cross.am website, after which you can use the Cross-SMS service.  

     In Cross-SMS system there are no additional charges for software usage or connection to the system. You only pay for sent messages.

  After registration in Cross-SMS system and making a deposit (for a certain number of messages) you can send SMS in accordance with the paid amount. 

  How to activate SMS notification
1.If you’re not our customer, you need to subscribe to fixed-line telephone service of “CrossNet” LLC. In this case you’ll get a fixed telephone number and personal account in our company. 
2. By calling to support center of “CrossNet” LLC by 060-37-00-00 telephone number you can activate your SMS service (if you are our customer).
3.Having a deposit on your account which is greater or equal to the value of one SMS, you can:
   •  Enter the account section of our www.cross.am website.
   •  Enter the username and password provided by you earlier. By the next step you select your number.
   • From the service menu offered to you, choose SMS service, then by entering the SMS service section you get the opportunity to use the SMS service.
  Conditions of telephone number subscription and payment  for SMS notification
1. The subscription of the telephone number for SMS notification is based on “CrossNet” LLC contract conditions and the pricelist of 01.09.2012. 
2. The telephone numbers for SMS notification are provided from separate range.
3. The telephone numbers for SMS notification to existing and new customers are provided free of charge. However, in the case of new subscriptions the customer is obligated to make the prepay of 100 AMD and more in 30 days after the subscription of a personal account. The prepays made by the customers for telephone number SMS notification dont have deadlines for terms of use.
4.In case of using the telephone number account of an existing customer for registration of telephone number SMS notification, the outgoing calls and SMS notifications will be blocked according to the acting order.

Tariffs for notifications

1. The price of one notification is 8 AMD  (including VAT)
2. In case of prepaid package option the price  of one notification  is presented in the following table.


For 1-1000   SMS

For 1001- 5000 SMS

For 5001- 10000 SMS

For 10001- 50000 SMS

For  50001 and more SMS

The price for 1 SMS






 Directorate of “CrossNet” LLC