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   Cross Group is reckoned the second fixed telephony operator and the first fixed-line telephony operator with a non-geographic code (060) in Armenia. During the short period of providing of this service, the Company has gained wide recognition and good reputation.
   Cross Group offers a new urban telephony using cables and IP technology. This telephone is a full urban phone with (060) code, which allows you to get the same services, as provided via modern urban telephone connection.

   The new (060) code telephone connection makes it possible to use the following services:
  1. Calls to urban and interurban directions, 
  2. Calls to mobile operators of RA and NKR, 
  3. International calls, 
  4. Trilateral and conference calls, 
  5. Facsimile
  6. Creation of corporate networks, 
  7. Creation of corporate automatic telephone exchange (ATE),
  8. Checking the balance using our web site, 
  9. Unchanged phone numbers in case of moving office.  ;
  10. Printouts "free of charge". 

  By virtue of new technology the proposed telephone connection has no limit for phone numbers and can provide as many numbers as needed.
 The offered service is ensured as follows : firstly the cables (fiber, copper, etc.) are connected to transmitting device , then any telephone gets connection thereto. 
  Most importantly, the tariffs for the offered telephone connections are more affordable and much lower than those offered by the current urban telephone network. 
Basic prices
Connection fee4800 - 10800 AMD
Local calls1 AMD
Monthly fee100 - 9000 AMD
To RA other fixed operators4 AMD/per minute
To RA regions 5 AMD/per minute
To RA Mobile operators19 AMD/per minute
For more information see the attachment files

1. For physical customers

2. For judical customers

3. International premium